Keith Newstead – Automata Designer

Keith Newstead, born in 1956 in the U.K, was fascinated with penny arcades during his childhood. The machines he saw there inspired him to become an automata designer.

After decades in the field, Keith Newstead has become a worldwide master automata designer. His works are very artistic and many famous brands have asked him to work on creative collaborations. His automata can be seen in the British Museum, the Tower of London, and the U.K.'s National Gallery.

Besides being beautiful and artistic, his works are scientific in nature. Each experimental design is tested and improved upon until it is perfect.

Keith constantly pushes the boundaries of his craft. He has developed extra-large automata and added sound effects to his designs. He is constantly trying to find new ways to use paper and wood - natural materials that lead to low-cost products and minimal environmental impact.

Keith's automata designs share many similarities with Tim Burton's films. Burton's movies are famous for rich artistic detail, dark overtones and dry humor. The works of both of these creative geniuses transport us back to childhood days.